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October 26, 2005

Fog Creek Copilot

This is a neat service. Like GotoMyPC, Copilot lets you control a computer remotely. This can be really handy for computer technicians helping long-distance clients. GoToMYPC requires software to be installed and configured and a firewall to be opened up, something that may be too complicated to walk the client through. Copilot requires only a 30-second install and is already pre-configured once executed. It's a bit expensive at $9.95 USD for a day (GoToMyPC is only $19.95 for one month). However, they do accept Paypal as well as credit card and the cost can be passed onto the client. It also requires only Windows 98 to use.

October 02, 2005


Geominder allows you to create location-based reminders that stay attached to physical locations.

A location-based reminder can be much more convenient than standard time-based reminders - for example in situations such as:

* "When I arrive at the office, remind me to review next week's schedule"
* "When I pass supermarket, remind me to buy vegetables"
* "At home remind me to call Dave"
I don't even have a cellphone but this caught my eye. Well, I do but I don't have service anymore. Heck, I might even get one for something like this. I'm constantly forgetting to pick up things when I'm at the mall or the store.

Amazing. A program that is actually useful on a cellphone instead of all the MP3-playing, text messaging and MSN-using crap. Only looks like it's for Nokia models but at least you don't need GPS on the phone.