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October 26, 2005

Fog Creek Copilot

This is a neat service. Like GotoMyPC, Copilot lets you control a computer remotely. This can be really handy for computer technicians helping long-distance clients. GoToMYPC requires software to be installed and configured and a firewall to be opened up, something that may be too complicated to walk the client through. Copilot requires only a 30-second install and is already pre-configured once executed. It's a bit expensive at $9.95 USD for a day (GoToMyPC is only $19.95 for one month). However, they do accept Paypal as well as credit card and the cost can be passed onto the client. It also requires only Windows 98 to use.


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  • At 5:17 p.m., Blogger Jason said…

    Thanks. Yeah... I haven't been doing it that long. I've never been blogrolled before. Will it hurt? ;-)


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