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October 02, 2005


Geominder allows you to create location-based reminders that stay attached to physical locations.

A location-based reminder can be much more convenient than standard time-based reminders - for example in situations such as:

* "When I arrive at the office, remind me to review next week's schedule"
* "When I pass supermarket, remind me to buy vegetables"
* "At home remind me to call Dave"
I don't even have a cellphone but this caught my eye. Well, I do but I don't have service anymore. Heck, I might even get one for something like this. I'm constantly forgetting to pick up things when I'm at the mall or the store.

Amazing. A program that is actually useful on a cellphone instead of all the MP3-playing, text messaging and MSN-using crap. Only looks like it's for Nokia models but at least you don't need GPS on the phone.


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