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August 11, 2005

A Brilliant New Memory Card

I don't even have a camera yet I want one of these. Why? SD cards are smaller and lighter than USB sticks and this one is hinged. The link is to the NYtimes so registration may be required.

Update: As one commenter noted, you can also use BugMeNot instead of registering. I blogged about BugMeNot previously here.

August 05, 2005

Malwhere installs spyware

Happened to visit the website of a free product that purports to scan your system for malware, spyware, etc. The website looks great, and there are many free products out there that are very useful to have. However, this one is actually what it claims to stop - spyware!

I discovered this through Microsoft's own AntiSpyware Beta program. As soon as Malwhere was installed I saw this warning on the right. Did a Google search and several forums are aware that this program bundles other known spyware programs with it. Don't be fooled into installing this program.